Sep 29, 2010

~*~sPeCiAl fOr yOu*_*

Hello Friends,
I get good replys of the previous mail,
So there is once again Some Special SMS for you.
I know you will definietly like it.
Special SMSs Just 4 U
Heart is equal to a mirror, Mirror shows reflection, &
Heart shows affection.
Both have one equal quality,
can’t be reformed once broken.!
The WORLD is Like An Institute
Someone Enter to LEARN
Someone Enter to Earn
Someone Born to Love
Like We All.
We dream of having sum1 we really like,
bt life isnt like dat..
we dnt get evrythng we want bt the end..
we end up luving sum1 better dan we dream of..
Hard work is like a cup of milk
luck is just like a spoon of sugar
God always giv sugar 2 those who hav cup of milk!
Some Pains Can Be Easily Relieved By ThE Care We Show..
ThE Same Pain Will Increase If No One Cares,
Especially ThE Most Loved Ones..!
See d Good In Everyone.
Be Blind 2 ThE Faults Of Others.
It Brings Peace In Ur Life.Things Dont Change,
U Change Ur Way Of Looking @ ThEm..!
We NEED At Least 2Things 2 Live In Lyf
2 Feel Luv
To Understand It
We Wil Hav Broken Hearts
Confused Mind
Smile is a cooling system of heartSparkling
system of eyesLighting system of faceRelaxing
system of mindSo,activate all systemSMILE. .
WOnderful ppl r carefully created by GOd.
WOnderful mOments r amazingly planned by GOd
& a wOnderful frnd lyk u is persOnaly gifted by GOD.!
If U MAke 10 Frnds, LAugh with 9,
TALK To 8,
MEET 7 Of ThEm,
CELEbrAtE with 6,
ShArE SEcrEt with 5,
TrusT 4,
CrY with 3,
BuT Don’t Forget 1, That’s Me Yaar
Having a Crush is SWEET.
Falling in Love is EXCITING.
Having a Heart break SHOCKS.
But having a Swt Frnd like ME Totally Rocks Isnt it???
We nevr hav wat we like,
We nevr like wat we hav
Still we live,Lov & hope dat smday we shall get
Wat we Love or Love wat we hav!
thts TRUE..

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